VIP Pass - Lacrosse Goalie Summit 3

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A simple and effective way to track a lacrosse goalie's progress over time.

The Lacrosse Goalie Scorecard allows you rate your goalie in the different areas needed to be elite. 

For just $9 you get the Lacrosse Goalie Scorecard Google doc plus an explainer video from Coach Damon on how to use the scorecard to track your goalie's progress. 


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VIP Pass - Lacrosse Goalie Summit 3

Can't attend all sessions? We got you covered.

VIP Pass gives you lifetime access to the Lacrosse Goalie Summit 3 replays. All 16 sessions!

Elite VIP Pass members also get: 

  • Lifetime Access to all 91 replays (over 91 hours!!) from all previous Lacrosse Goalie Summits:
    • Goalie Summit 1 - 15 coaching sessions
    • Goalie Summit 2 - 12 coaching sessions
    • Goalie Summit 3 - 16 coaching sessions
    • Goalie Summit 4 - 17 coaching sessions
    • Goalie Summit 5 - 18 coaching sessions
    • Goalie Summit 6 - 13 coaching sessions
  • 4 free months of the Lax Goalie Rat Academy
    • Hundreds of on field videos teaching technique, drills, and physical exercises
    • Coaching sessions on the mental game and lacrosse IQ
  • Copy of my eBook - The Lax Goalie Bible
    • Most comprehensive book written on building an elite lacrosse goalie
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