Lacrosse Goalie Super Mom & Dad

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Parents Training Course - Final

Lacrosse Goalie Super Mom & Dad

What if you had all the tools and support you need to be an awesome lacrosse goalie Mom or Dad? To help your youngster in all aspects of this position!

Here is everything we'll cover in this course: 

Module 1: Helping Your Goalie Mentally

  • Tips to Help Your Goalie Mentally
  • Teaching Your Goalie to Manage Stress
  • Ideas to Keep Your Goalie Motivated
  • How to Deal with an Unsupportive Team
  • Tips to Support Your Goalie’s Mental Health
  • Mental Prep to Support a Goalie Pre-Game
  • The Post Game Post Mortem (aka the car ride home)a

Module 2: Training Your Goalie

  • How to Train the Head Coach
  • What do when you have NO goalie coach
  • How to Handle Conflicting Coaching
  • Training Routines for at-home
  • Warm Up Routines
  • Helping The Goalie with Their Clears

Module 3: For the Parents

  • How Can I Help My Son/Daughter When I Don’t Know Anything About Lacrosse
  • How to Handle Your Game Day Stress
  • Tips for Dealing with Other Parents
  • Tips for Dealing with Coaches

Module 4: General

  • The Lacrosse Goalie’s Protective Gear
  • Tips for Playing ½ Goalie, ½ Field
  • How to Help Your Kid with Recruiting
  • What to Look In a Club Team
  • What to Look for with Camps & Clinics
  • What to Look for with Private Goalie Coaches

Plus you'll have access to a live Q&A session with Coach Damon to answer any questions that I may have missed. 

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