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Blue Luxury Lifestyle eBook Cover

<<< Add the Lacrosse Goalie Summit 11 Recap PDF! Just $19

Don't have time to take notes? Team Lax Goalie Rat has you covered! 

Blue Luxury Lifestyle eBook Cover

We'll be taking furious notes and create an awesome PDF document which contains all our notes and a recap of ALL coach's presentations.

After the Summit ends you'll receive a PDF filled with all the highlights from the Lacrosse Goalie Summit 11


Parents Training Course - Final

<<<< Add the "Lacrosse Goalie Super Mom/Dad" Course from Coach Damon! Just $167

This training course is specifically for the Lax Goalie Moms and Dads and gives you the knowledge and resources to transform yourself into a super Mom/Dad.

LacrosseGoalieSuperMomDadCourse We cover - 

  • How to help your son/daughter mentally with this position
  • How to train your little goalie - drills, exercises, dealing with no goalie coach
  • How to manage your own stress of watching your son/daughter
  • And tons more like goalie gear, club teams, recruiting, and private coaches

Just $167


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VIP Pass - Lacrosse Goalie Summit 11

Can't attend all sessions? We got you covered.

VIP Pass gives you lifetime access to the Lacrosse Goalie Summit 11 replays. All 16 sessions!

Elite VIP Pass members also get: 

  • Lifetime Access to all 182 replays (182+ hours!!) from all Lacrosse Goalie Summits:
    • Goalie Summit 1 - 15 coaching sessions
    • Goalie Summit 2 - 12 coaching sessions
    • Goalie Summit 3 - 16 coaching sessions
    • Goalie Summit 4 - 17 coaching sessions
    • Goalie Summit 5 - 18 coaching sessions
    • Goalie Summit 6 - 13 coaching sessions
    • Goalie Summit 7 - 20 coaching sessions 
    • Goalie Summit 8 - 19 coaching sessions
    • Goalie Summit 9 - 16 coaching sessions
    • Goalie Summit 10 - 20 coaching sessions
    • Goalie Summit 11 - 16 coaching sessions
  • 4 free months of the Lax Goalie Rat Academy
    • Hundreds of on field videos teaching technique, drills, and physical exercises
    • Coaching sessions on the mental game and lacrosse IQ
  • Copy of my eBook - The Lax Goalie Bible
    • Most comprehensive book written on building an elite lacrosse goalie
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