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If you're reading this, somehow, someway your kid ended up as the lacrosse goalie.


So you now you carry the prestigious title of "Lacrosse Goalie Mom" or "Lacrosse Goalie Dad".

And while many call lacrosse goalie the hardest position on the field. I disagree. Lacrosse goalie Dad or Mom is way harder! Being a goalie parent is a level only a few understand.

Just watch this video and let me know if you can relate...

What if you had all the tools to be the very best Lacrosse Goalie Mom/Dad out there?

The ability to help your youngster navigate through all the difficult mental and physical challenges that the lacrosse goalie position presents. And the support of a community of like minded goalie parents and coaches! 


Lacrosse Goalie Super Mom & Dad!

The Ultimate Course to Empower You - the Lacrosse Goalie Moms & Dads to help your little goalie!LacrosseGoalieSuperMomDadCourse

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What is inside the Lacrosse Goalie Super Mom/Dad course?

Awhile back I sent out a survey to all the lacrosse goalie Moms and Dads to hear about your specific challenges & questions when it comes to being the "Lacrosse Goalie Mom or Dad". 

First of all, huge thanks to everyone who replied. I got hundreds of responses and many were full on essays! 

I went through and reviewed every response (some great questions!) and they pretty much boil down to 4 themes - 

  1. Helping your Goalie Mentally 
  2. How to Train Goalies
  3. For the Parents
  4. Everything else (General)

So here's the curriculum of the Lacrosse Goalie Super Mom/Dad course: 

Module 1: Helping Your Goalie Mentally

  • Tips to Help Your Goalie Mentally
  • Teaching Your Goalie to Manage Stress
  • Ideas to Keep Your Goalie Motivated
  • How to Deal with an Unsupportive Team
  • Tips to Support Your Goalie’s Mental Health
  • Mental Prep to Support a Goalie Pre-Game
  • The Post Game Post Mortem (aka the car ride home)

Module 2: Training Your Goalie

  • How to Train the Head Coach
  • What do when you have NO goalie coach
  • How to Handle Conflicting Coaching
  • Training Routines for at-home
  • Warm Up Routines
  • Helping The Goalie with Their Clears

Module 3: For the Parents

  • How Can I Help My Son/Daughter When I Don’t Know Anything About Lacrosse
  • How to Handle Your Game Day Stress
  • Tips for Dealing with Other Parents
  • Tips for Dealing with Coaches

Module 4: General

  • The Lacrosse Goalie’s Protective Gear
  • Tips for Playing ½ Goalie, ½ Field
  • How to Help Your Kid with Recruiting
  • What to Look In a Club Team
  • What to Look for with Camps & Clinics
  • What to Look for with Private Goalie Coaches

Plus we'll do a live Q&A session with Coach Damon to answer any questions that I may have missed! 

Don't miss this opportunity to become the ultimate lacrosse goalie Super Mom or Super Dad! Enroll in "Lacrosse Goalie Super Mom & Dad" today and unlock your potential to coach, inspire, and support your goalie on their path to success. Together, let's make their dreams a reality!

Sign up now and embark on an incredible journey of growth and achievement alongside your lacrosse goalie superstar.

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About Your Instructor - Coach Damon

 My name is Damon (most call me Coach Damon) and lacrosse is my passion. 

The indigenous people called lacrosse the “medicine game”. And that’s what lacrosse was for me - medicine. It was the best medicine there is. It taught me about:

  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Fitness
  • Leadership
  • Loss
  • Struggle
  • Friendship
  • Game winning sudden victory OT dog piles

I’m also a goalie. I love goalies. I love coaching goalies.

This sport has given me so much (including now a full time job!) and giving back to the medicine game is what drives me. 

They say us lacrosse goalies all have a screw loose. I mean, you gotta to do what we do. But I love being a part and helping this screw loose community.

I played at Cal 1999-2003 back before YouTube and Instagram were a thing. I was fortunate enough to have some great head and assistant coaches and All-American teammates to learn from as I progressed through my goalie career. As I sit here in 2023 writing this I consider it an honor to continue to pass down this knowledge that I’ve gained to the next generation of goalies.

One of my tenets as a coach is “if you ain’t growing, you’re dying”. Even in a small niche like lacrosse goalie there is so much to learn. You can always get better, you can always grow.

That was the reason I started my podcast in 2018 - The Lax Goalie Rat Podcast. I wanted to chat with the pro goalies. Pick their brain and find out what makes them so great. What drills do they do, what technique do they use to make saves, how do they think about leadership and being a great teammate and most importantly what is their mindset for dealing with setbacks.

Truth be told, I wasn’t the greatest goalie when I played in college but I do consider myself blessed to be a great teacher and motivator of lacrosse goalies. I was given the gift of teaching, motivation, and patience and when I combined that with my passion for lacrosse and helping others, the mix was magical...

Oh, I'm also a Dad. She's little young to call her a lacrosse goalie tho...

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This training has the power to take your lacrosse goalie Mom/Dad game to a whole new level!

That’s not hyperbole — that’s based on real results of parents learning this valuable lessons and reporting back how much better their son or daughter is doing. 

But if you feel like you don't get value from the training, email Coach Damon and Team Lax Goalie Rat ( within 30 days and we'll give you a no-hassle refund.

The best part is this: If you think there's even a 'slight chance' that this Lacrosse Goalie Super Mom/Dad course could help out you and your son or daughter, you should join! 

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With the help of a Lacrosse Goalie Super Mom or Dad, your young brick wall will be able to confidently strut out onto the field armed with all the mental and physical tools for success!

So that's why we're happy to offer a 30-day money back guarantee. It's really a no-brainer.

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Lax Goalie Rat

“Lax Goalie Rat and Coach Damon is a great resource to learn the steps to being a supportive goalie parent. He gets you the dirt on whats actually happening on the field and in your kids head. ”

West Orange, NJ

Lax Goalie Rat

“The Lax Goalie Rat is hands down the most comprehensive resource for any player or parent! Beginner to Advanced the best tool out there!”

Oyster Bay, NY

Lax Goalie Rat

“LaxGoalieRat is an amazing resource for goalies and their families. Whether you're new to the position or sport or have lots of experience this is the place to get better. Even more so, Coach Damon has built quite a community for a position that can seem isolating at times.”

Cleveland, OH