Lacrosse Goalie Summit 9

Take your goalie game to the next level with 5 days of AMAZING virtual lacrosse goalie training from the top coaches in the sport 

Welcome to the Lacrosse Goalie Summit

The Lacrosse Goalie Summit is a multi day goalie training event for lacrosse goalies, coaches, and goalie Moms & Dads. Hosted by Coach Damon from Lax Goalie Rat - the 100% free training event features the top coaches in the sport who will teach you:

  • Techniques and Drills
  • Mental Mindsets of Elite Goalies
  • Visual Training and Mindfulness
  • What it Takes to Succeed as Lacrosse Goalie
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Coach Damon - Lax Goalie Rat

How does it work? 

The events are run live at which point it is free for anyone to attend! After the goalie training event is over, you can purchase access to the VIP Pass which gives you lifetime access to this amazing lacrosse goalie training to level up your goalie's game! 

Who Is this for? 

Lacrosse Goalies (all ages, all sexes, all skill levels)
Lacrosse Goalie Moms & Dads
Lacrosse Coaches
Lacrosse Goalie Coaches


Meet the Coaches

Level up your goalie game with free sessions from these amazing coaches

Nick Washuta

Pro goalie - PLL Archers
Vermont '20
3rd Team All American '18

Weds. Mar. 29, 8pm EST

Breaking down saves from the PLL sixes Championship series

Taylor Moreno

UNC '22 - All time save leader
2021 Goalie of the Year
2022 Athletes Unlimited Champion

Tues. Mar. 28, 4pm ET


Drake Porter

Goaliesmith Head of High School Dev.
Syracuse '21
PLL Atlas / Team Canada goalie

Tues. Mar. 27, 2pm EST

ClearinG Game + Goalie stick work

Scotty Rodgers

Notre Dame '2010
2010 NCAA Tourney MVP
Former PLL Pro goalie - Atlas

Mon. Mar. 27, 8pm EST

Pre-game rituals and exercises that help your goalie stay strong mentally


Fitness Trainer
US Air Force Veteran
Hip & Explosion Expert

Tues. Mar. 28, 3pm EST

PHYSICAL training for strong hips and explosiveness

Kimber Hower

Syracuse '23
Lax Goalie Rat sponsored athlete
Her Mental Matchup Article

Mon. Mar. 27, 4pm EST

Tips for 8 Meter shots in women's lacrosse

Matt Gill

Goaliesmith Head of MS Development
St. Rose '18
Former D1 NCAA Asst. Coach

Wed. Mar. 29, 4pm EST

How to prepare and Train DURING THE SEASON


Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
Masters in Clinical Nutrition

Weds. Mar. 29, 6pm ET

Nutrition for Peak athletic performance

Matt Sefcik

Wagner '2018
Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology 
2nd all time in saves at Wagner

Tues. Mar. 28, 6pm ET

Mental Skills for On and Off the field

Simon Bellamy

Team Lax Goalie Rat member!
Brock University '21

Thurs. Mar. 30, 4pm EST

Lacrosse goalie protective gear

Matt Palumb

PLL & NCAA Referee 
Syracuse Goalie 1990
1988 NCCA Tournament MVP

Thurs. Mar. 30, 6pm EST

The Rules that lacrosse goalies need to know

Arielle Weissman

University of Michigan - '22
2022 2nd Team All-American
Athletes Unlimited draft pick

Mon. Mar. 27, 6pm EST

Adjusting to College Life as a Goalie

Tyler Storer

BYU '04 - All American
Coach, Editor, Photographer, Videographer

Tues. Mar. 28, 8pm EST

Are you mental? mental toughness + MEntal health for lax goalies

Tommy Bruno

Mr. Wanderful
Creator of the freshest twisties
Pro lacrosse goalie stringer

Wed. Mar. 29, 2pm EST

Stick Stringing Q&A - CUSTOM STICK Giveaway!

Ran Kirby

Lacrosse Goalie Coach
Speciality in training equipment

Tues. Dec. 20, 8pm EST

CK7 Save System for more saves

Amber Hill

Athletes Unlimited Goalie
Lacrosse Goalie Mom
Syracuse '07

Fri. Mar. 31, 8pm EST

The history and origins of lacrosse

Sarah Reznick & Hayley Hunt

Lax Goalie Rat sponsored athletes
Florida All-American
Lehigh All-American

Thurs. Mar. 30, 2pm EST

D1 College goalie live Q&A

Who is this for? 

If any of these sound like you, this summit is meant for you:

  • Lacrosse Goalies looking for that extra edge 
  • Lacrosse Parents wondering what the heck their kid has gotten into
  • Lacrosse Coaches who are clueless about teaching the goalie position 
Coach Damon in Goal

What are folks saying about the  Lacrosse Goalie Summit? 

Lacrosse Goalie Summit Testimonial 1 Lacrosse Goalie Summit Testimonial 2 Lacrosse Goalie Summit Testimonial 3 Lacrosse Goalie Summit Testimonial 4 Lacrosse Goalie Summit Testimonial 5 Lacrosse Goalie Summit Testimonial 6 Lacrosse Goalie Summit Testimonial 7 Lacrosse Goalie Summit Testimonial 8 Lacrosse Goalie Summit Testimonial 9
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Learn from the absolute best lacrosse goalie coaches in our sport!

The Virtual Lacrosse Goalie Summit is an online educational event for lacrosse goalies, coaches, and parents to educate you on what it takes to become an elite goalie (or goalie coach).

Each coach will present on a different topic all designed with 1 thing in mind. Make you a better lacrosse goalie, lacrosse goalie coach or lacrosse goalie parent!

Over the course of 4 days you will:

  • Learn New Techniques and Drills
  • Get Inspiration
  • Improve Your Mental Toughness
  • Get to hang out virtually with goalies and coaches from around the world
  • Have to chance to interact with top goalie pro's

I'm pumped to present all of these amazing lacrosse goalie coaches to you over the course of 4 magical days.

Get lifetime access to all the coaching sessions!

Meet the Host - Coach Damon

Coach Damon Practice

The Lacrosse Goalie Summit is hosted by Coach Damon Wilson, founder of and the host of the Lax Goalie Rat podcast.

In 1999 I set out to learn the position of lacrosse goalie from scratch. While I made all the rookie goalie mistakes, I fell in love with the sport and this position.

I've been coaching lacrosse and specifically goalies ever since. My mission with Lax Goalie Rat and this Lacrosse Goalie Summit is to get you that top goalie coaching and education that was sorely lacking back I when strapped on my original Cascade helmet and STX Goalmaster and jumped into the crease.

I hope you can join me and the top lacrosse goalie coaches in our sport today for this special 4 day virtual training event. Time to level up your lacrosse goalie game!



What age group is this for?

The Lacrosse Goalie Summit is meant for goalies of all ages. Some of the coaching sessions will be more applicable to different age groups but goalies of all ages (youth to college age) will get value out of these coaching sessions.


Both. You'll notice a mix of male and female coaches. But both the male and female coaches will be covering topics extremely relevant to both games.

Are Replays / Recordings of the Coaching sessions available? 

Yes. The sessions are 100% free to attend live. Once you register you'll have the opportunity to purchase the VIP Pass which gives you lifetime access to replays from this Goalie Summit. You can also buy the replays from the previous Lacrosse Goalie Summits if you missed those.


Once you purchase the VIP Pass you will receive an email with a link to enter the member's area to watch all of the replays of these awesome goalie coaching session.

I purchased the VIP Pass for the last event. Do I Have to purchase again? 

Yes. Each VIP Pass is for lifetime access to that particular Lacrosse Goalie Summit replays. If you missed the previous Summits you can grab the Elite VIP Pass and get access to everything. Along with a ton of other stuff too. Either way, thanks for the support!

how long does each session last?

1 hour per session is the plan. My guidance to the coaches is plan on 40-45 presentation and then 10-15 minutes Q&A. That said, if a coach runs overtime I'm not going to cut anyone off. So some sessions may run long if there's a lot of questions.


Shoot me an email:

We got your back with a 15 day no risk-free guarantee!

This training has the power to take your goalie's game to a whole new level! That’s not hyperbole — that’s based on real results these goalie coaches have gotten with their students. 

But if you feel like you don't get value from this goalie training, email Coach Damon and Team Lax Goalie Rat ( within 15 days and we'll give you a no hassle refund.

The best part is this:

If you think there's even a 'slight chance' that these Lacrosse Goalie Summit training sessions could help out your son or daughter, you should join! 

No guess work needed. Take the training, see for yourself.

And if it works, your goalie will never be the same.

Your goalie will be able to confidently walk onto the field for practice or games, knowing they've taken training from the best college and pro goalies in the game!

So that's why we're happy to offer a 15-day money back guarantee. It's really a no-brainer.


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